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Photo credit: pixabayI’m not really fond of going to malls, but one Sunday afternoon, I found myself in.

I was in SM  to withdraw money from an ATM machine. There were three machines but only two were used for withdrawing. When I arrived I saw lots of people already queuing up in one machine. “Perhaps the other machine is not available”, I thought. However, I didn’t notice any sign that it wasn’t available.

Anyway, I did what most people would do in that given situation; to follow the crowd. I was in a dilemma. Maybe I should try it if it’s really not working. As I thought about this, many people were coming in to join our line. Some didn’t bother to ask what’s wrong with the other until a guy came in suddenly, went to the machine and made a successful transaction. We were shocked! Everyone was looking at each other with puzzled look.

I should have taken the courage to try that machine earlier, but I procrastinated.

One the problems in today’s society is that people tend delay or procrastinate in the area which is most important. I wonder why people don’t commit on something. They say they would wait for the right moment; when they feel like. But, nine out of ten I tell you, that right moment would never come.Action, action, action. This is what counts. No matter how you feel at  the moment,act.

Procrastination, also known in Filipino as “mamaya na mentality”, has been affecting many of our country men. It is a disease in our culture that needs to be cured. No wonder a large number of us become poor. There are many opportunities around us, but when these come, we delay. We don’t act immediately. We are afraid.  If we continue being like this, we will never be successful.

But, the good thing is we can still  root out this bad habit. We start by making goals, what do want in life. After putting them into writing, review the list then prioritize. Lastly, act on them daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Persevere, and never never give up.