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Three Things Why You Need to Love Traffic

Photo credit: pixabay
Photo credit: pixabay

Millions of people commute daily from their houses to their offices. In fact, we spend an average 2 to 3 hours per day just to get to work and back. With the number of vehicles increasing and poor traffic regulations plus the undisciplined individuals on the streets, we find ourselves stuck in a long hours of traffic. I have experienced this many times when I go home from the office at night. Sometimes it is burdensome especially if you are commuting in a public transportation. The heat, the irritation, the smell and the face of the person beside you, the smoke make your day a bad one unless you start to love it.

You’re crazy! How can you love traffic? Have you ever been stuck in Edsa?

Yes! If it is possible to love someone we hate, it would also be possible to love something that gives us headaches.

Well, here the three things why you need to love traffic.

First, traffic teaches us the virtue of patience. Someone says,”If you are not used to being patient, you might find yourself being a patient”. Pardon for the corny joke but it says a lot. “Sa tamang panahon”, (in the right time), popularized by the Aldub, becomes the battle cry of single people who long for a partner, of a young entrepreneur who works hard day and night to reach his goal, of a long term investor who knows the time is the key factor for his investment to grow exponentially. In life there are things that we don’t rush. You can’t force a baby to come out from the womb of his mother because you are excited to see your baby. We don’t hurry success. There is no such thing as an overnight success. . People who believe in this thinking are usually the ones who get scam. Patience is indispensable to success. Thank traffic for an opportunity to learn patience.

Second, traffic can educate us. According to a survey, we spend at least an average of 2 to 3 hours trap in traffic. Two to three hours daily is equivalent to one subject in the university. What does it mean? It means that it is possible to finish an entire course even if one finds himself caught in traffic.


By taking advantage of technology.

You have smart phone? An mp3 player? Ipod? Use it. Download audio books and seminars. Download educational videos. Limit your social media. Learn rather than be entertained. As what Harv Eker says, in his book, The Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind, that poor spend most of their time entertaining themselves while the rich look for opportunity to continue educating themselves.

Next time, if you ever find yourself in traffic, pull out your mp3 and learn from the experts.

Lastly, traffic can strengthen relationships. This is in the case when a family travels together and find themselves in long queue of motorists. By the taking advantage of the time you are confined in that little box, you can make an impact in each member of the family. If you are a parent, get to know your children more while they are still young. For husband and wife, the time inside the car can be used to talk about serious things such as your relationship with each other. Just make a rule that cell phones and tablets must be put off. Let’s be creative in using the time in traffic. If you are given a lemon, turn it to lemonade.

Time is precious and irreversible. What has already passed can never be brought back. We only live once. Make it worthwhile.