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The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging
Photo credit: Pixabay (Creative Common)

I had been staring at the blank screen of my computer for hours on what to write , and yet no idea had come into my mind.

Writers block.

I remember a quote that says, “Fake it until you make it”.  So I just pretended to write  anything that came into my mind. This went for several minutes until I caught myself asking why am I doing this. Then, a bulb seemed to light up inside my brain.

Yes!  Why don’t write about the benefits of blogging? The following are benefits of blogging.

Benefits of Blogging

1. Enhances your writing skill

By forcing and disciplining yourself to write daily even if you don’t feel like doing it can actually improve your writing skill.  Studying or reading books on writing  may be useful, but it can’t make you a better writer unless you put action and doing into it.

Remember the 10,000 hr rule of Malcolm Gladwell?

2. Helps you read more

This is a prerequisite to writing. To write great blog posts you have to read. Not just read, but read alot. Through the process of reading  you gain more knowledge and learning which can be a great source to have a valuable content. I haven’t yet encountered a blogger who doesn’t read. Bloggers are readers.

3.Become a better researcher

To create an informative post that will tons of visitors to your blog, it must be up-to-date and well research. Under research content in a post can cheapen it and your credibility is lessen. Some bloggers I know hire a virtual writer through Odesk or Elance to do research for them.

4.Improves your memory

Many studies have concluded that by exercising your brain through learning, reading and writing can enhance your memory. If the body need physical exercise to be fit, the brain needs mental exercises to enrich it. I’ve met older people who have retained their mental sharpness and when I asked them what’s their secret, usually they would pull out something from their bag or suitcase and handed over to me a book. No wonder they still have sharp memories.

5. Earns you an extra income

Some people go into blogging to earn an extra income. In fact, I’ve met many bloggers who have resigned in their 8 to 5 jobs to dedicate themselves full time into blogging. Writing posts with valuable content to attract thousands of visitors into their site can be a great opportunity for bloggers to offer their products and services. Thus,  earning an income.

How about you? How does blogging help you?