About Me

profilewebHi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

A few years back I never thought, not even a single moment, that I would be having my own blog for one obvious reason that I didn’t have passion for it, and writing was not my thing. Furthermore, I didn’t have a frequent access to the internet so why bother creating one.

But, how come  I have one now? You might probably wonder.

It didn’t happen overnight, of course. It took  months before I began thinking about it. It started when I began picking books on self-development, relationships, investments, stock market etc.  Every materials that I found valuable I read them. I attended seminars. I downloaded audio books. I subscribed tons of newsletters from various authors. I bookmarked some informative blogs and websites, then checking them out when I had time. I was thirsty for knowledge and information. I picked the idea of lifelong learning from Brian Tracy. My life has improved a lot when I applied the learning, skills, tips and guidelines I got. It made my life worthwhile.

When I joined the Truly Rich Club, I got inspired to share what I have learned through blogging. Thus, this blog, “Making Life Worthwhile” was born.

I guess you know my name already because it is also my domain name. I’m Joemar, an Engineer by profession. I teach and help people on how to manage their finances so that they can secure their future and retire happily. I’m also an online stock market investor  for years now, and an internet marketer.

Since my college years I have been regularly attending activities of formation that help me develop every aspect of my life; professional, cultural, mental, and spiritual. That’s why from time to time I will post some of my insights and learning I got on these  topics.

This blog was created in the hope of making a difference to the life of those who read it by inspiring and giving value to them.  Join me as we journey together to make our life worthwhile.

If you have feed backs and comments that you think might be helpful to improve this blog, please free to email me at joemar.trc@gmail.com or in my Facebook account.

Thank you very much again.

A wealthy life through self-development, habits, and personal finance